Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Learn why a message ended up in Spam

With the recent inclusion of content management features from Postini directly into Google Apps you may find mail that would have previously been sent to a separate Postini Quarantine has been dropping into your GMail Spam label instead. Now there's a way to easily identify why the mail was sent to spam by reviewing the brief explanation at the top of the message. This help article covers some of the explanations you might see.


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Learn why a message ended up in Spam

We've always made it our mission to keep unwanted messages out of your inbox. And while we don't think you should ever need to look in Spam, we know some of you are curious about how messages end up there. Whether you marked mail from that sender as spam in the past, or we think the message might be unsafe, or for some other reason, you can find out by dusting off that Spam folder and opening up any message.

Learn why a message ended up in your spam folder

Posted by Ela Czajka, Software Engineer Many of our users say the accuracy of our spam filter is one of the key reasons they love Gmail. And while we think you should never have to look in your spam f...

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