Thursday, 26 August 2010

Google Sites Gets Horizontal Navigation

This is good to see. Sites is now becoming something more than a casual site design tool. With the addition of this navigation layout and some of the previous update,s including gadgets and templates, Sites can now be used to build a pretty good looking web presence.

Giving up on Google Wave

Some time ago I said I'd post here about my experiences with Google Wave. Well I didn't really have much experience! I just couldn't find a way of using it that suited me and I couldn't find any advantage of it over other collaboration methods. I use Google Apps and the shared documents, email and chat features easily satisfy my needs.

Now Google has announced that they're not going to be developing Wave as a separate product any more, so I guess that's that. I'm sure some of the technology will make it's way into other Google products but in the meantime I'm laying my use of Wave to rest.