Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Updated Gmail app now available in the Android Market

So this new gmail app for Android has a couple of nice new features but one thing I'd really like to see is the ability to swipe sideways to flip between accounts. Right now you have to go through the menu or tap on the username at the top and then choose which account you want to view. A simple swipe action would let me flip backwards and forwards between accounts so much more easily.

Updated Gmail app now available in the Android Market: "
A new version of the Gmail app is now available in the Android Market. This means the app is no longer tied to Android version releases anymore. New features include:

- Important message actions will now stick to the top of the screen, one click away, no matter how long the email is.

- View previous message content more easily, just like in the desktop version of Gmail. Tap “Show quoted text” to reveal the previous message.

- Limited support for Priority Inbox. If you’ve enabled Priority Inbox via the desktop version of Gmail, you’ll see an “Important” label that shows all messages flagged as important. You can even add a shortcut to “Important” to your home screen.

Editions included:

Standard, Premier, Education, Partner Edition and Google Apps for Government

How to access what's new:

- The Gmail update requires Froyo (Android version 2.2), so it’s available if you have a Nexus One, HTC EVO, Motorola Droid 2 or Motorola Droid. (Not sure if your device is running Android version 2.2? Check here.)

- Get the update from Android Market.

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