Sunday, 21 February 2010

New saving buttons in Google Docs and Presentations

New improved saving buttons have been launched in documents and spreadsheets to make it easier to know when a document needs to be saved, is in the process of saving or has been saved. They'll be coming to spreadsheets soon.

Editions included:
Standard, Premier, Education, Team and Partner Editions

Languages included:
All languages supported by Google Docs

How to access what's new:
- A clickable save button "Save now" means your document has edits which haven't been saved yet and the timestamp lets you know when it was last saved. You can either wait for autosave to happen after a few seconds, or you can manually save at any time using the keyboard (ctrl S on PC, cmd S on Macs), save button, or by going to through the file menu.

- A disabled button reading “Saving” means your document is currently being saved, and should complete in a second or two.

-A disabled button reading “Saved” means all data in this document is now saved, and the timestamp tells you when the last change happened. You can safely exit the application or continue editing the document.

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